Our Story

Our Story

The year 1984 marked 21 years of the country’s independence. For most Kenyans, it was a time to look back with pride. For the others it was a time to look forward to the possibilities that lay ahead.

Silpack Industries Limited began life as a specialist provider of corrugated cartons in Mombasa, Kenya. Having established itself as a packaging partner of choice in the coastal region, Silpack took the bold step to move its operations to Nairobi in the late 1980’s.

From “packaging provider of choice” to “exceeding packaging expectations”, Silpack Industries Limited has a rich tradition built on innovation, investment, quality, and value partnerships. It is this very tradition that has established Silpack Industries Limited as a leading provider of corrugated carton and polythene packaging solutions to all sectors of the East African economy.

Working on a successful formula of treating customers as partners, Silpack enjoyed steady growth from a niche supplier to a regional supplier. In the mid 90’s, Silpack embarked on an investment programme into the polythene sector with the establishment of its polythene division. Applying its core values of quality and partnerships, Silpack has been able to establish itself as a leading supplier of polythene products.

Attention to quality has always been a central part to the success of the company, and in 1998, Silpack successfully applied for the ISO 9002 quality assurance certification. Please visit our quality policy pages for more information on this certification and what it means for our partners. Utilizing polythene and corrugated carton synergies over the last twenty years, Silpack has been instrumental in bringing changes to packaging methods within the various sectors of the East African economy and beyond.